Monday, January 26, 2009

32 Reasons

Alright since I turned 32 yesterday I thought I would share with you 32 reasons life is good for me:

  1. My husband, he is my rock and can always make me laugh.
  2. Emmah, love her and all her craziness, can't wait to see where life takes her.
  3. Jake, he is so sweet and loving.
  4. Family, I have such a wonderful extended family.
  5. Friends, all of them are great, they have been there when ever we needed them (even when we call them at 2am for a place to crash or 1am to get something important for us)
  6. I love my job, all the kids are great and it is so rewarding.
  7. My mom, she is so strong and has been through so much, but still keeps a positive attitude.
  8. My co-workers, they are so much fun and add to making my job so great.
  9. Ice cream, okay who thought that wouldn't make the list???
  10. Sorry, have to add my hubby again, he is just so great!!
  11. My best friends, Amy & Candy, they are always there and always know the right thing to say to help. Love you girls!
  12. Shopping, even if it is the window kind!
  13. Faith in God and knowing he is with me and is watching over me
  14. Health
  15. Scrapbooking, gives me a stress reliever and lets me just be me.
  16. Having a house to keep us warm.
  17. Food to keep us nourished.
  18. Hope, without it where would we all be.
  19. Laughter, its best when its from Emmah and Jake, but I just love the sound in general.
  20. Freedom, we have such freedom here to make our own choices and voice our opinions without fear.
  21. Support, I have so much from friends, family, and co-workers. They have made the last year a great one.
  22. Vacations, we took our first family one this summer and had a BLAST, and learned a few things for next time!
  23. Grandma Bloemers
  24. Family time, we have done more of this and it's been great!
  25. New experiences.
  26. New friends, and contact with old ones.
  27. Weddings, we got to go to a lot of these and it is such a blessing to be part of a couples special day.
  28. Coupons, I know cheesy, but I am so addicted!
  29. Strength, but inside and out.
  30. Ability to grow in my career
  31. Opportunity to give my children new learning experiences and let them try new things.
  32. Life

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Katie, Kevin and kids said...

I love this! What a positive way to look at your birthday and your life! Thanks for sharing!