Thursday, January 8, 2009

Just Plain Cute!

Every night at dinner we always pray before we eat. Usually Jake prays, then Emmah prays. They say a short prayer they also say at daycare. Well last night Jake decided he wanted to say the prayer that Mimi says! (The Lords prayer is the one they say at their house!) He starts off, and basically we have no idea what he said except for Amen! It was so cute, he was dead set on saying that prayer and nothing was going to stop him, not even not knowing the words!

On another note, my mom had surgery again today. It was to go in and debreed the incision on the left leg, that wasn't quite healing and had some infection. Everything went well, and she is doing great, and was trying to get them to let her go home! Everything is going well, but prayers are always good!

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