Thursday, July 15, 2010


Toby has always loved Star Wars, and well I like them and as I got older and spent more time with him I too grew to LOVE Star Wars. We have generously passed this on to our children! They LOVE it too! We have legos, to books, even the music.

Well last night we took the kids to see Star Wars in concert. It is a live orchestra playing the music from all 6 movies as well as showing scenes from all 6 movies on a HUGE digital screen! It was AWESOME! Here is what the kids had to say about the show:

Emmah-"I loved the show, and I loved the Darth Vader part with all the pictures. I also liked when they showed Anikan pod racing."

Jake-"I liked Darth Vader." (The best part for mom was the fact that Jake kept asking when they were going to show the movie!)

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