Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Whole Hand

Five years ago today, a beautiful and perfectly chubby little boy was born. He was sweet and cuddly and was so precious! It was a wonderful gift from heaven and I couldn't asked for a better little baby. On this day five years ago Jake Maddux was born at 9lbs 7oz. It was a delightful day, and very hot!

The past 5 years have been filled with fun, laughter, and a few time-outs!! I love you Jake, and can't believe that you are 5 and ready to start Kindergarten. You make me laugh and always keep my guessing. You are kind hearted and gentle. You have a love for your legos, hot wheels, and the pool! Your bright blonde hair makes me smile....when daddy doesn't shave it!! Your very athletic and can't get enough of just about any sport and seem to be a natural at them all. One major accomplishment of the summer is that you have learned to do a cannon ball! Your faces always make me smile and can make a bad day so much better. I love your hugs and when you try to tell a story and have NO idea what you are talking about. I can't wait to see what fun this year will bring us. Thank you for blessing our family! We love you Jake!

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