Friday, July 6, 2012


As usual we spent the 4th spending time with family and friends celebrating the freedoms our country offers!
To start our day we headed to the Second Annual Patriotic Parade hosted by my friend Katie from A List Makers Life. We gather at a local boardwalk, decorate our bikes with festive holiday decorations, and pass out candy to anyone on the boardwalk and share some festive spirit. {This year we added some water...its been EXTREMELY warm in these parts!}

A good time was had by all!! It definitely was warm, but worth the heat to enjoy some fellowship with friends!

We headed to the pool after our parade to cool down...3 hours later, we were significantly cooled and ready for the rest of our day. We hung out, played and watched a movie.

To end our evening we headed to the fireworks.


Hope you and your family had a fantastic 4th!!

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