Monday, November 12, 2012


These days all too often we don't thank those around us...for just being themselves!
So this month I am taking the time to be thankful!
Everyday this month I have shared what I am thankful for here is my list thus far:
  1. My Husband-he is my rock, and can always make me laugh when I need to or give me a good bear hug to let me know it will be alright!
  2. My kids-they may drive me crazy, but my life wouldn't be as rich if I didn't have them!
  3. Crafty-skills (It's such a great release for me!!)
  4. Friends at work-they have been there through the good and the bad and it makes going to work all that much better!
  5. Faith-need I say more??
  6. Right to vote-quite a privilage!
  7. Health-we have been blessed in this department
  8. My brothers and sisters-we may have a huge age gap and live miles apart, but they still check in and keep an eye out for their littest sis!!
  9. Kids School-they have such a GREAT place to learn, and for that I FOREVER thankful!!
  10. Friends-new and old, I have such a great family of friends to lean on!!
  11. Veterans-they gave us and help us keep our FREEDOM, nothing more special than that!
  12. My house-blessed to not only have a roof over my head, but to be able to share and make memories with my kids where I made them as a kid!!
What are you thankful for??

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