Thursday, December 13, 2012

New Traditions

Every year is full of change...and change is good.
Well sometimes....
This year I am having a really hard time with change. Usually on Christmas Eve we celebrate Christmas with the whole Bloemers side...this year it will be different. Which really is a good thing, since it will be easier for more people to make being the Saturday before. I was hoping we would do our small Bloemers family gathering that night instead, but not he case, which I too understand.
This leads me to my issue...we now have NOTHING on Christmas Eve, or really Christmas Day. Usually both night and day are filled with family and they will, but just the 4 of us.
This I am dreading...
Toby says we will come up with something special to call our own, but it really just makes me miss my mom all that much more...
We have some ideas...but I am slowly working myself up. I wish I could just push it back and think of all the special memories we will be making with our kids, but sometime less isn't more and in this case less people, especially one that will be missing is being missed an extra lot this year.

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