Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I promise I wasn't lost...nor did we have anything major happen to our family, its just been BUSY!!

I have missed blogging as I use it as an outlet to let my creative juices flow, share a laugh or tear, and get out what is on my mind.

Lately, there has been a lot! Sometimes life goes by with nothing exciting really happening, but it moves without us noticing the little stuff. I want to really take the time to notice the little stuff, the small moments that we share as a family. I have often been thinking that I really want my kids to look back on their childhood with fondness and think what a GREAT time they had, whether its a trip or tradition. I want them to enjoy the effort we put in to be their parents and make growing up FUN!!

I know we haven't given are kids every experience, and there are some that it would take some convincing for me to give them, I think they are important to shower them with the new, the old, and let them discover too! As we move into spring we have worked on a few little projects here and there and will be moving in birthday party mode...this week!!

Hoping to post a few pics and some tutorials next week!

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