Monday, May 21, 2012

Photo Booth Fun

I am always looking for fun and new ideas to incorporate into my kids parties. Well with Emmah getting older, it is becoming  A LOT more fun because she can do so much and has that wacky personality to pull it off too!

With photo booths being all the rage right now I decided it would be super fun to create our own photo booth!

First this was first, I had to have a fun background...after some thought and research I decided to use a bed sheet. Easy to find, reasonably priced, and come in fun prints too!! After finding the perfect one, which worked out well because Emmah needs new sheets anyway, I had the hubby hang it up for me. He just nailed it to a small wood part we have unfinished by the ceiling. But just as easy would be to use the 3M removable hooks.

Next, was the props. Now I've seen them on etsy with so many options, but to be more cost concious I decided to make my own. I used and cut them out of cardstock, but felt would work too.

I also wanted some glasses. I found some at the $ store with fun shapes and glitter and then these that I printed out on cardstock as well. I also added a chef's hat and a feather boa. The possibilites are endless, depending on the age and what you have around. You could add fun hats, lips, and so much more!!

Here is how I had the items set up:
When we finished a couple of games I had the kids all chose a prop and then pose for a group picture. I plan to use this as a "thank you" and that way the kids can have a take home memory as well. Here is some of our photo fun...I hope you try this at your next party!


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cara's creations said...

What a fun to do at a birthday bad I have all boys and they wouldn't be interested in it. :)

BTW...way to go with two 5Ks!!! That's a huge accomplishment you can be proud of. I know the hard work that goes into training for those. Definitely something to celebrate and so cool you could do one with Emma...what a great memory for you and her. Hope you took pictures :)