Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Race Time

It all started with a promise...I told Emmah if she did Girls on the Run, I too would do a 5k, since that is their culmanating event.
Well when she started I wasn't sure how excited she would be about it or how much she would like it. Well she liked it and really enjoyed it...the problem for me?? It meant I had to run a 5k!
I am NOT a runner nor have I ever enjoyed running. I knew it wasn't going to be easy, but I made a promise, so I set a goal for myself and decided that I would run in the River Bank Run (It is one of the largest foot races in the US and held in Grand Rapids) Go BIG or go home right???
I began training with a reall good friend. We started running, but not really following a plan. It wasn't bad, we'd go during soccer practice and did pretty good most times. We also decided to run for a charity. A friend of ours recently started a Youth ministry program and we would run for pledges for their program. Helps to run for a good cause too!

Race day was fastly approaching and I was feeling SUPER nervous. It was great that we rode with the group to the race, it really built the excitement!

After waiting for just about 45mins...we were ready to go!

During the race the course was pretty basic with just a couple of hills/inclines. We walked a little more then I wish we would have, but overall it went ok. The worst part for me was Mile 2...I think it was there that I actually realized that I was meeting my goal, actually running a 5k, it was Mother's Day weekend, it just all came to me. My friend looked over and I was was just so emotional knowing we had 2 HUGE cheerleaders cheering us on from up above.

I actually set a goal and met that goal...the relief I felt when crossing the finshline was just AMAZING! Our time wasn't steller, but we FINISHED! I will definitely be back next year....and I am more focused then ever!

I am still overwhelmed with the accomplishment of this truly shows me, and my kids that if you put your mind to something you can succeed. And for me...that means the world!


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