Friday, May 15, 2009

A love of reading.

My mom always loved to read! Most nights you would find her curled up in her chair, and tucked in bed with a good book, and boy did she read a lot of them! I haven't always loved reading as much as she did, and still would rather read a children's book!

I remember her reading often, well as a teacher she shared that love of reading with her students. It was truly amazing she did read alouds, book reports, book studies, and always made sure they could read the books they checked out of the library!

With my mom's passing, comes the generous gift of monetary donations. As they arrived, I began to wonder what an appropriate use of this money would be. Suddenly it came to me. She loved North Holland Elementary with all her heart, and what better then give them some new books for their library in her memory. Now, when this began, I figured I would try to get up to 65 books or so and go with that. Well North Holland would have none of that, they had a fundraiser where students and teachers could donate money to buy books. So along with what I had recieved and their fund raising and the proceeds from the book fair they were able to buy 92 books for their library. And I still have some more donations.

Toby and I had the pleasure today to participate in a short assembly to present the books they had purchased. It was very touching to hear the students talk about her and to see all the books. I know that my mom would be proud, and was definetly looking down today with pride and honor. Each of those books has her name and picture in it, so that her love of reading can be carried on for generations. I also recieved a ring with books pages on it to represent all of the books, they each have a name of a student or teacher who donated for that book. It was truly AMAZING! I will add photos later, it's not letting me right now!

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Katie, Kevin and kids said...

What a very special & very appropriate way to honor your mom!