Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Newest Project!

Well things have been busy! I am so behind on the posting! I wanted to post a couple of pictures of my newest project. I found some really cool blocks on another website, and thought to myself.....I can make those! So I gave it a try. With many babies coming I figured this was the perfect opportunity to try them. So here they are! They are drool proof and have the new additions name on them!
As I come up with these projects I realize more and more that I would love to eventually have some kind of home business selling these type of items......someday!


Katie, Kevin and kids said...

They turned out super cute. No wonder you didn't need to come over to "play" yesterday. You already figured it all out.
What did you end up using for your drool proof finish? I bought something called Diamond Glaze, but I don't think it is the best solution.

kbloems27 said...

Actually I remembered yesturday that I was supposed to come over!! I should have written it down! Anyway I just bought a sealent, it is non-toxic and the lady assured me it was water proof. I did figure out that I need to use Modge Podge to attach them, so they are stuck on good. Thanks. Sorry about not coming over!

Shelby said...

those are cute!!! You should come with me to get stuff for my dorm room. i got some gift cards (for TARGET) so I can't wait. My theme is gonna be 'compact' i think. lol