Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Year New You

As most people do I decided that this year I was going to start off right and really work hard to be healthier. That means eating bettter and less, and exercising regularly. I have always had struggles with my weight, and now with all the events of the past year I am really coming to realize that my health will play a MAJOR roll in my future. (I know that some of you are saying...took you long enough!)

I have joined a gym and am thinking that I may start a new blog just for my adventures in weight loss. I have good motivation, but staying focused has always been my struggle, this time I plan to take the weight off and keep it off not only for me, but for my kids.

On another note, this last week or so since returning from vacation have proved to be very difficult. I think Toby put it best when he said that instead of dealing with one thing at a time I am now dealing with 3 all at once. Christmas this year came and went....not too much thought. Not too much thought about how this is one of my mom's favorite holidays and some of my most wonderful memories with her. Not too much thought about how this was the last holiday we spent with her and that I wished we had taken more pictures of her, even though she hated them. I pushed it all aside and just went about the days....well now the thoughts come rushing back. I add onto that the fact that her birthday is coming fast, which I should mention is the day before mine. And lastly, it has almost been a year since she left us....I miss her more and more each day and know that in time this pain will lessen, but those wounds will always be there.

I have made some promises to myself that I will celebrate the good times we had with her and remember all the great stories she shared. I want the kids to have wonderful memories of Memah and know what a GREAT lady she was and how much she loved them both.

A Mother Like You

In my home there is a photo,
of a face more precious than gold.
And to those who love and lost you,
your memory will never grow old.
Today i look at your photo,
at your face so loving and true.
No wonder my heart is breaking mom,
losing a mother like you.
But each day you walk beside me,
and when my life is through.
I pray that God will take my hand,
and lead me straight to you.

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Leslee said...

Oh my! I just loved your "A Mom like You"!!!

I too lost my Mom 5 years ago, and have yet to fully heal...

I hope you don't mind if I 'borrow' your words for a blog later this year :-)