Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What is up

I have been continuing my workout this week and it is going well, okay it's only Tuesday, but at least I have a positive attitude right???

I haven't seen too much result, but need to be more strict on what I am eating and writing it down. I think that will hold me accountable more for what I am putting in! I am really enjoying it and feel more energy which makes me feel good.

Emmah got to paint her own toe nails yesterday, which was interesting I still need to add some pics of that one. I think she more painted her toes than the nails.

We are fastly approaching some very important dates. One in particular is my and my mom's birthdays......although it will never be the same I am hoping to make it a good day filled with good memories. We are having some good friends over for lunch and then plan to release balloons with birthday wishes for my mom. I feel like it will be a good way to remember all the funny stories and special things that she did. I also hope to make this a tradition, maybe adding others, but that might be a little ambitious!

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