Friday, July 15, 2011

Fountain Fun

This afternoon the kids were just sitting around and the temp was rising...what to do? Well this mom decided that we should finally take advantage of a very unique place we have in town!
We are lucky enough to have a splash pad in town, it is basically a random fountain where water shoots, squirts and splashes in all directions! Now doesn't that sound fun?? I know it does to me, I would LOVE to run through it myself, but that might look a little weird...
Anyway, we headed there today and had some much need cooling off from the heat, although I hear more is coming and it's only going to get warmer!
How are you staying cool this summer??



Amanda said...

Kate I think I put you up to 26! lol!
looks like the fountians would be a great place to be today!

Kate B. said...