Friday, July 15, 2011

Pay Up

In our house we have recently started to give our kids allowance. We felt like they were asking for EVERYTHING all the time and we didn't want to just keep shelling out the money. So with that being said the allowance has started. Each of them earn $3 a week as long as they keep their room clean and their bed made. I am working to put together quick and easy check-off's for them to use for this. We require them right now to save $1 and eventually when we raise their allowance in a few months, they will also be giving a $1 every week.
I didn't want to pay the kids to do chores, isn't that part of being in a family? I mean no one pays me to do laundry, cook dinner, clean the house (of course this is assuming I do those things!!) They do each have chores they are expected to do, and they really aren't anything real challenging. I started a chore chart not too long ago, but it didn't work out too well, so we're re adjusting!
I am thinking something like this:
Mine will have the days along the side with the chores along the top. Each week they will have a extra chore to complete and not something they are normally responsible for, to pick this they will chose from a can with popsicle sticks. I hope to have 5-7 chores in there they can choose from. Do any of you have some great ideas to share?? I would love to hear them!!
(I promise to post a tutorial when I get them together, my plan is to start the first week of August with the new charts so we are in full swing when school starts!)

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cara's creations said...

I use I have jobs listed for each day they empty dishwasher, the next day- empty garbage and so now, so it's not the same jobs every day. The online program is free and it's a points program...they earn so many points and then they can decide if they want to convert it to $(for savings) or buy items in their "online store" that I created for them.
It seems to work better for me because I never had the right amount of cash on hand at the end of the week to pay them.