Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Gettin Ready to Haunt

To keep my love of wreaths going I of course had to make a fun Halloween wreath!! So in my many searches on Pinterest I came across this beautiful wreath idea on Something To Do and decided to go for it and add some extra flavor!
Embroidery Hoop (any size)
Tulle (I chose 3 colors)

Gather your hoop and tulle. Cut the tulle into strips. I have 3 colors, glitter orange, glitter black, and black. I cut them about 12" long. I cut the whole spool of glitters and just about 12 of the regular.

Then begin to loop around your hoop. I took each strand, folded it in half, then folded it again. (This does give you a looped end on the outer part of your wreath, but just cut it when done)
You can either loop it around or tie it. I looped. Continue the patter all the way around the hoop til your wreath is as full as you would like. Then I looped a longer piece around the hoop to hang it from.

There you have it...a perfectly spooky door!


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