Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pen Pals

Pinterest addiction has gotten me again!! I just keep finding these great ideas!! So when I found this one I just knew that I had to start it!! I want to encourage the kids to write, share their happiness and sadness, and just become closer to them. Well, I found the perfect way, now I just hope it works!!
To start I gathered a couple of things:
2 notebooks & 2 pens
Here is what I made:
Mom & Me Journals 
I got the idea from Mama Jenn, who actually got it from another blogger! Gotta love sharing the blog love! So...I'm guessing you'd like to know what exactly a Mom & Me Journal is...well basically it is like being pen pals, only no stamps, no mail, and fun journals!!

To start I used the same model that Jenn did:

                 Dear Emmah,
          Would you like to be Pen Pals? I thought it would
       be fun! Instead of mailing letters, we'll write them
       in this special notebook!

       I'll write to you and leave the notebook on your bed.   
       Then, when you want to, write back to me on the next
       page and leave it on my bed. Write ANYTHING you like. It  
       can be funny, serious, or sad, whatever. Sound like fun?


                 P.S. Write Back Soon

I can't wait to leave it on their beds!! I have so many hopes and dreams with this. I hope it becomes a book we all can treasure!!

I'll keep you posted on how things are going!!


Ewin said...

HOW COOL IS THIS!? Has she written you back yet? I still have a notebook that my friends and I wrote back and forth to each other in in high school. It is funny to look back and read what we wrote in it.

Kate B. said...

She actually did just write back!! It was so sweet!! I too have one of these from Tob and I in college. I am working on writing her back!