Friday, October 14, 2011

{Tutu Cute}

As part of Emmah's Halloween costume a tutu was needed so I went on my usual hunt on Pinterest for a easy tutorial! I find just what I needed with a super easy trick included at treasures for tots. (She has a great site, with lots of fun stuff!!)

Here is what you need:
2-3 25 yd spools of tulle (multi colors are fun!)
2-3 yds of 1" or larger grosgrain ribbon

To get started you will want to get a piece of card board about 7-8" wide and then depending on what size tutu you are making 15-25" long. Then wrap tulle around the cardboard lengthwise. Continue til all colors are complete. Next you will want to add rubber bands about 4" from the end of the cardboard. Then proceed to cut at the ends of the cardboard, this gives you all your tulle strips perfectly measured!!

Next it is time to start slip knoting on he stripes! You'll want to cut your ribbon about 1 1/2-2 times the waist measurement. Then tie one end to a chair leg, table leg (it just helps when slip knotting) about 15" in. Then begin by slip knotting. You'll want to choose a pattern, I chose to do 2 blacks 1 yellow.

Continue until you have enough to go around your subject...You'll want the tulle to go all the way around tight.
Once this is done...tie a bow at the end and VIOLA!

Now we just have one more part to complete this Halloween costume...can you guess what she is going to bee??


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Ewin said...

She is going to bee so cute! Had to do it... sorry...