Monday, October 24, 2011

Pinterest Projects

As we have already discussed I am OBSESSED with Pinterest!! I just can't stop pinning!!
Well the other day a friend on facebook showed a project she just completed from Pinterest and right then and there I knew that I had to give it a try. I followed the lead of More Design Please and got right to work.
No Sew T-shirt Scarf
To Begin:
To start take a t-shirt...I got mine from Salvation Army for .99!! BARGIN!!
Lay the shirt out flat and begin by cutting the bottom hem off the shirt. Throw this away and then begin to cut 1" strips.
Once you have about 7-8 stripes cut you can begin to stretch them. As you stretch the fabric will curl and create tubes. When all are stretched double up and match up any seams. If ones breaks as you are streching, just knot together and put with seams.
To vary loop length you may want to use some of the sleeves to make loops or cut a loop and shorten it then knot back together. When you have desired amount of loops, connect together with a strip by wrapping it around and tying off.

Now you have the perfect accessory...and if you are like me you will be making lots of these!! There are many variations I can't wait to try:

I think there might be a ladies craft day in my future!!

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