Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pajama Monster

Now what would Christmas break be without a little craftin??
NO FUN that's what!!
Well my niece found this super fun Pajama Eaters tutorial so of course we had to make it!! Since neither one of us are particularly good sewers we called in an expert, Grandma Fowler!!
She made an example for us and then we gathered our supplies, she headed over with her machine and we got to work.
 I wasn't very good about taking pics at the beginning...sry!
Here we have after we have attached the body and head to the mouth, which includes a zipper, and also added the eyes which we used Steam-a-Seam for.

Adding the lining...
Getting arms and legs all sewn up!

Here are our Pajama Eaters with the arms attached...not too bad!
Sewing on the legs, this was a little tricky, but not terrible. You just have to concentrate!
Here we all are with our complete Pajama Eaters!! I LOVE how they turned out and the kids can't wait to use them!
Thanks Grandma Fowler for your help and sewing expertice!

Watch out we come!!
Want to make your own Pajama Monster, then head over to see Jodi and she'll show you the way! (And A LOT of other fun stuff too!!)


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