Sunday, January 15, 2012


Emmah is determined to grow her hair out, which for most part is fine other than she isn't a HUGE fan of having it brushed or anything done with it most days and the fact that lucky for her she got my half curly hair!
So since I am completely hair challenged this poses some problems! I can do the basic pony tail, braid...but that is where it ends.
Well in my searching and poking around on Pinterest I came across a tutorial for sock curls. Sounds CRAZY right? It's not!!
I watched the read the tutorial and watch the video and put it to work!
To start I went to A Spotted Pony.
Once I got what I needed to do I got to work.
Here is her hair before:

This is what it looks like once the sock is in:


And the after:

 (Sorry, the picture makes it look frizzy...but really it wasn't)
Overall, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I am sure that after some practice they will only get better and better. I am looking forward to doing it on a weekend when I have a little more time to play with it!


Ewin said...

You are going to have to show me how to do this sometime. I have looked at tutorials but am still confused on the rolling it down part. I love the idea of waking up with curls already in your hair.

Kate B. said...

It is a little tricky and I had to watch a couple videos to get it!! It's really great!!