Sunday, January 22, 2012

*Pop Pop*

This time of year is always a little patchy for brings some days that remind me of sad things and I tend to get cranky. Most would say it's okay to be a little down, to be cranky sometimes, but I hate to take it out on the ones I LOVE. Especially, when its the kids and they don't really understand why.
Well during this time of year, comes my birthday and what would have been my mom's 68th birthday. Every year since she has passed I have looked to do something worth while to make it special, remember good times and make memories to do this we bring in my best friend!
We have her family over for our annual Bubble Wrap Dinner. This includes bubble wrap placemats, balloons and birthday cards. On Saturday we had my friends and their kids over to enjoy each others company and POP some bubble wrap!!
Now to fully understand the bubble wrap dinner you must understand that when my mom had her open heart surgery they gave her a bubble wrap envelope for her glasses. Since she had been given something to calm her a little she thought the bubble wrap was sooo fun and just kept popping all the bubbles. So everytime she was in the hospital after, we brought her bubble wrap. It's a funny memory!
We didn't get the balloons off so the kids and I will do it on Tuesday.

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