Monday, June 25, 2012


Since starting my running career...okay hobby....okay occasional activity I was looking for something to hold my hair back. Also Emmah would lose her headbands at almost EVERY soccer game. I was looking for something to use. I came across a headband, that was well...ridiculously priced and new I could make something similar to it.

So...I gathered some supplies and got to work. With a little measuring, cutting, and sewing I came up with the new Hammebands!!!

I sent a few out for some to a runner, Emmah of course used one for soccer, and then a friend took it to the gym for some workouts. Overall feedback has been great so....they are now available for purchase. These are just some of the bands I have made...I plan to add some solids and other prints as well. They can be custom ordered as well. Okay thanks for letting me share....if you're interested in purchasing one head on over to my business page Bloem & Grow.

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