Friday, June 22, 2012

Where we're at...

It's been awhile since I have updated on how things are going with Emmah and I think maybe it's about time. This year went so much differently then last year and we couldn't be more thankful for that.

With the change in meds, a new teacher, a new principal, an IEP, counseling, and some natural maturity we are actually making some progress in the right direction.
We recently went in for a pysch. evaluation to make sure that we had someone local that would be able to help us with meds. (We had been going through The Center for Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics in Ann Arbor, but the distance was too great.) With this evaluation we have made some med changes again, but uping on and then adding a new one. This does bring us some concern as we don't want to over medicate, but also want to help her to be able to control her choices. I am really hoping we will see some changes and be able to go into this year at an even better place.

It was so frustrating last year to know that underneath all of those issues, sadness, and anger there really was a sweet little girl that was trying to get out and do well. But we just didn't know where to go and how to help her.

This year we dropped, significantly, the number of behavior reports, and made some real strides.


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