Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Chevron Fun

We are on the move and planning to finish up the basement, meaning the playroom and my craft room! YEAH!!!
With a number of projects on my list I have started to work on some of the small ones bit by bit.
One that I have been wanting to do is chevron initials for the playroom.
I have a current color scheme going of yellow, red, turquoise, and lime green. So I got my supplies and got started!!
craft paint
canvas (I used 11x14)
wooden letters
painters tape
foam brush
To start I measured off 3 horizonal lines each 3.5" apart. That was where the bottom of my chevron hit, this kept them evenly spaced and pretty staright.
I then taped my chevron...this wasn't easy, but wasn't too bad once I got going. Once I got the first row of chevron, I then drew a vertical line from the tip of each down point (sorry, you can't see the pencil lines) this helped me to make sure that all my zig zags were even.

Once I had it completely taped I then painted using my craft paint. I didn't completely cover the tape, and also made sure to keep the paint off the sides of the canvas...I plan to go back and paint this one of the other accent colors.

While my canvas was drying I took that time to paint my letters. For the letters I used another bold color to make them stand out. When all the paint was dry I pulled the tape off and then hot glued the letter right in the middle.
Here is what the finished product looks like:
And I can't wait to hang this up!! This one is of course Jake's, Emmah's is turquoise and green...they are going to look great!!

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