Monday, October 22, 2012

Month to Month

I LOVE making crafty gift for others...its fun, personal, and gets my need to be craft out!!
Well with babies galore coming in every direction right now I have been on hunt for some good ideas. I am sure you have seen all the adorable monthly onesies out there. Here are a few examples:
{photo credit:}
DIY Monthly Onesies
{photo credit:, and be sure to stop by her site since she even gives you the files to print your own (both boy & girl colors!!)}
Since I have a Silhouette I decided to create my own since the mom-to-be isn't sure if her bundle is a boy or girl!!
To start I went out and got onesies in a variety of sizes. The sizes I purchased were 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month. I figured that even if they were a little big it would be okay.
Onsies (variety of sizes)
Inkjet Transfer Paper
To start I used my Silhouette to make a basic design for my onsies. I went with a frame and then added the month on the inside. Once you have your design down (you'll want to keep them at a size you can fit 4 per page, print them out on your Inkjet Transfer paper. **For colors you could totally customize for a boy or girl or go neutral like I did.
Then cut them out, keeping only a tiny edge around the outside of your design.
Once all mine were printed and cut I ironed them on the onesie.
(Follow the instructions from Transfer paper package as times may vary)

Here is a completed onesie:

Here is my collection, I rolled them and put them together in a box.

I added a fun little note to go with them for the mom-to-be!!

 This is one of my new favorite if more people I know would just have babies!!


Stacey said...

So cute! We had month-by-month stickers for Talon but I love the idea of pre-made onesies! And I love your design!

Kate B. said...

Thanks Stacey!! It was really fun making them too! I wish we would have had these for both out kids!

Kate B. said...
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