Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Birthday's a Plenty

The month of April is a crazy month of birthday's for us, we have 8! That includes Toby's and Emmah's. Emmah is super excited about her birthday and this year she gets to have an actual party with friends. Since she is turning 6 she gets to invite 6 friends, choosing was quite a chore! She has been planning her party for months, and was sure she should have a princess party, but the guest list contained at least 4 boys! So we agreed to have a bowling party instead, and that mom would make her a princess cake for her family party.

We have setteled into the new house, and have moved into a routine. We have made some adjustments, and are now really enjoying our extra space! It has been great to have a bigger backyard, along with an actual playroom for all those toys!!

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