Saturday, April 18, 2009

Emmah's New Haircut

Well after waiting six years it finally happened.......Emmah cut her own hair. We have caught her a couple of times near it, but she has never actually done it.
Thursday night was like any other night, the kids were playing and running around, I was reading and I thought all was fine. Then Jake comes in the living room and tells me that Emmah is trying to cut a piece of ribbon with scissors. So I go and check it out....when I got to her, she was in the bathroom scissors on the counter so I took them away and suddenly realized there was hair on the counter. After a much closer look I saw she had cut her hair and a pretty good amount of it at that. Needless to say, she went to bad, I was upset, then realized it was pretty funny, and then laughed and cried (I cried because I was pretty sure that my mom was up in heaven laugh hysterically at both of us! She would have gotten a kick out of this one!)

Friday afternoon we went and had it all fixed! Now she is cuter then ever! Thanks Kim!

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