Thursday, April 23, 2009

Emmah's 6!!!

Today my little girl finally moved from one hand to two! Who knew this would be such a BIG deal. She was awakened this morning to a lovely duet of her mom and brother singing her "Happy Birthday!", not sure if that is the best way to wake, but it works!

She got to be special helper at school today, which means she was line leader, got to bring something for show-in-tell, and got to read a book to the class. She was most excited about reading! She loves to read, and so choosing a book proved to be a challenge.

As her treat she brought cupcake pops, made by her mom. I have to say they turned out so cute!! I am definetly going to be making more of those! I will post pics later!

She got many phone calls today from family and loved every minute of it! Jake didn't love it so much, but we'll see how he feels when his birthday comes and they are all calling for him! Her family party is on Sunday, so I still have time to finish my castle cake! She got to go out for a special lunch to the place of her choice, McDonalds w/playland! It was pretty fancy! We finished off the day with her choice for her birthday dinner of Mac 'n' cheese, mashed potatoes, and corn! For dessert she was treated to a trip to the Junction by Mimi and Papa (mom, dad, and Jake got to go too!!) Overall it was a great day!

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