Monday, July 20, 2009

Arrrrg Matey's!!

Jake had his 4th birthday party yesterday, it of course was a pool party. The pool kindly provided by Mimi & Papa!! (Thanks for letting us use the pool and all the supplies mommy forgot!!) A great time was had by all!!

Every year I let the kids pick their theme and then the cake they want. I always make the cake in part because I have so many wonderful memories of my mom making my birthday cakes! I always try to make them special, and this year was no exception! Jake chose a pirate ship! Thankfully Tob was around to help, it didn't go well! In the end it was fine and Jake LOVED it, which is what truly matters! In addition to the cake I also made pirate cupcakes, and even though I didn't think they were going to turn out, they ended up looking GREAT!!

We had so much fun, and the kids had fun swimming. Thanks to everyone who came. We love you all!

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Katie, Kevin and kids said...

I LOVE! the way your cupcakes turned out. How adorable!