Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michigan's Adventure

What's one more day of fun when you've been a vacation??? Toby had Monday off so we decided to take the kids to Michigan's Adventure. We have never taken them so this was a first. Well the kids had a ton of fun!!!! They loved all the rides and we had to pry Jake out of the waterpark, even though he was to small for some of the rides even with an adult.

Jake also really liked the little roller coaster Zack's Zoomer, he rode it twice and even had his hands up! Overall it was a really great day!!! The kids were so excited and can't wait to go again next year....

I would also like to add that while at the hotel and hanging out before bed on Saturday we were all hanging out in our pj's. Toby only wears a pair of shorts to bed w/o a shirt. Jake was over giving daddy a hard time and suddenly said "Daddy there is a squirrel in your armpit!!" It was pretty funny, we all had a good laugh. Although I don't think either of the kids new why they were laughing!!

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