Friday, February 18, 2011

Back Again

You know the old saying 2 steps forward 3 steps back? That is where we are today. It seems like just when you think things have made a turn in the right direction and that you have made good throws you a curveball and you are back where you started.

I recently decided to blog about our issues with was relieving for me to let it go. I felt a weight lifted and that hopefully finding the support of friends and others possibly in similar situations would be helpful, and it is.

We recently switched meds...AGAIN and were really hoping to have found a helpful answer to our current issues. Well today I found out differently. Apparently there have been some issues going on at school, there has been talk of suspension, and even switching schools. But where has this led...the issues that are presenting themselves have only shown up at school, we at home, have seen very little of these issues and really have seen an improvement. Where does this leave us, where do we go next, what concequences do we put into place, who is going to lead in the right direction for some answers with these problems? These are the questions I have running through my head, I feel like I'm stuck with no where to go. I pray every night that God will give us the answers and lead us in the right direction. In this we are lead to a new facility in Grand Rapids that will hopefully be able to shead some light on what is going on, at least I pray it does.

In the meantime, how do you just let these things happen to your daughter? How do let people know the sweet girl she really is when her behavior says otherwise? How do you teach her that these actions have concequences, when nothing seems to phase her, for everyone in the family? How do you continue to keep a happy and great family dynamic while these other things are going on? How do you make sure that your son has a happy childhood and makes great memories?

Here we are....back again.

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