Monday, February 7, 2011

Goals....Month 2

Okay so last month I started out with list of goals to accomplish for the month. I have to say, I did a pretty good job, of course there is room for improvement and a couple of items didn't get accomplished so I added them to this month.

Let's see how I did:
  1. Organize Closet-DONE, and looks pretty good too!! (Sry no before and after pics of that!!)
  2. Finish Emmah's room- still working, I have the curtains just haven't got to sew them and I did finish her magnet board, but she kicked it accidentally and I had to start over, I am getting there though!
  3. Bathroom Curtains-found, just have to get a coupon and get them, some sewing required!
  4. Take items to Goodwill-DONE
  5. Craigslist-DONE, and even sold one!!
  6. Chorechart-1/2 done, just have to find a frame or a spot!
  7. Make Dinner 5-6 nights-DONE we have had a couple of slips, but overall done good to eat at home. Hoping to try some new recipes too!!

Okay that is over 1/2 and one won't take long to complete! Onto the next months list:

  1. Finish Jake's room-wall decor and all!
  2. Curtain over slider/kitchen window (found an awesome tutorial!!)
  3. Create File System for important Papers
  4. Fix silverware display (don't ask!!)
  5. Finish Emmah's Room
  6. Chorechart-finish this up, I also plan to post the tutorial for it as well!)
  7. Redo Master Bedroom-found my duvet and hoping to do some painting, add wall decor, and some curtains or valances to the windows.
  8. Eat/Cook at home 5-6 nights a week. (This one will be a year long goal!)

Hope that I can be even more successful this month!! What are your goals for the month??

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Kelly K. said...

I need to add that eat/cook at home goal shopping/meal planning/cooking...all of it is NOT my favorite thing. We tend to pick up or eat out far too often. Not so good or us or the budget. I need to get menu planning and try to do some freezer cooking to accomplish this I think. Thanks for motivating me!