Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"Sew" Much Fun!

I have recently figured out that I like to sew! I learned when I was young, my mom was a home economics major in college and taught sewing in her early years. I never really caught on, unitl recently when I decide to give it a try.

I channeled my inner mom and got right to work. I made Em a pillowcase dress and it was on from there. I cried a little when I finished it knowing that my mom would have been proud. Well since then I have taken on some applique projects and had A LOT of fun doing it!

Here are my latest applique creations, they turned out pretty good I think!! I may have to start taking some orders or my daughter is going to have a boat load of these!
I have a couple more ideas, and Jake has requested a "6" shirt. There will definitely be more to come!


Katie at A List Maker's Life said...

AH! Take orders. I totally have a list of wants! Or we need to plan a night to hang out together with our machines so you can teach me:)

Kate said...

I would love to take orders...or meet up. My sewing machine doesn't move, so you would have to come here, but definitely let me know!!

TDM Wendy said...

Cute! Is someone wearing the hearts today?

kbloems27 said...

My daughter did! She got lots of compliments! Thanks!!

Christy said...

LOVE these! Your tie shirt looks 10235323% better than the one I made (haven't posted yet out of shape). The gloves are just precious! So glad you stopped by, following you back!