Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I am truly blessed by some amazing people in my life. So today I am choosing to list some of the many things I have been blessed with....

  1. The Hubs!! He is able to bring me back down to earth when I am going nuts!! He is the love of my life and is always there when I need him. He continues on this great adventure of life with me and for that I forever thankful.
  2. The kids, Emmah & Jake! They are great!! I mean who could ask for better kids!
  3. My friends. I have great friends who seem to know just what to say, and when! They know when to step in, when to give a hug, and when I just need to cry. Those are the best kinds of friends to have!
  4. Kindness. I have been shown some incredible kindness, by having dinner delivered, beautiful clothes for my kids, and positive words of hope.
  5. Family. I have a GREAT family, and even though we are genetically loud, we are a lot of fun and are there to support each other. I feel a lot closer to my family these days and I feel blessed to have them.

This is only a short list of how I have been blessed. How have you been blessed? I know one thing that I have learned that when you are blessed...bless others, and I plan to!

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