Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Look Forward

Yesterday we had our appointment with a new facility with some new doctors. These doctors are neurological psychologists and specialize with everything having to do with the brain. I walked in nervous, worried, and hopeful. I walked out cautiously optomistic, hopeful, and confident that we had found the road to some real answers.

The road won't be an easy one, and there will have to be some changes both at home, with us as parents, at school, with her behavior choices, and with her. I am very hopeful that we can find some anwers and get ourselves headed in the right direction.

Sometimes she doesn't make the right choices, sometimes she does the wrong thing, but sometimes she is loving and caring, sometimes she is super funny, and sometimes she is beyond sweet. I pray that others can see the beauty she hides within...


jennifer said...

She's a beautiful girl, Kate. You will find answers. Praying for you all.

suzanne said...

Everyone can see Emmahs true heart don't you worry momma! Praying for strength and peace!