Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Tonight was Emmah's Derby Car Race for GEMS at church. They work for about 3-4 weeks on their cars, designing them, painting, adding the wheels and all the final details. This all culminates at the Derby Car Race.

This is Emmah's Rainbow Racer:

She was very proud of how it turned out and couldn't wait to race it! Once the racing started it was full of excitement....and then you have to wait for all 43 races to get done (sense my boredom??) I love to watch them, but I was done after about 18 races, and so was Jake! Emmah's car didn't do so well, and she was a little upset, she was hoping to win The Most Fuel Efficient....if you can believe it their were others that were more "fuel efficient" (okay slow!!)
We are very proud of her hard work and how creative she got with her design, as for bringing home a trophy...that will have to wait til next year!

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