Friday, February 3, 2012

Wall Art

For awhile now I have been working to complete rooms in my house, make them my own, add fun details and ORGANIZE! I stress the orgainze part because well....let's face it this is where I lack! I try without much success to keep myself organized and while many people always comment on how orgainized I am, I put on a good show!!
Well you know my addiction to Pinterest so of course I looked on there to find some inspiration. To begin I have been looking for somthing to do in my Master Bedroom as I don't feel like it is complete or what I want it to look like. (This is an ongoing battle since my hubby always says "WHO CARES, you sleep there and your eyes are CLOSED!") I care!!
With that I found this cool wall stencil idea on Pinterest and got right to work!
I used Nannygoat who got her inspiration, and template, from jones design company.
I did mine slightly different, first off cause I didn't read all the tutorial before I started, and secondly cause I didn't want to go back and change it! (Read LAZY!)
Here is what it looked like as I stenciled the wall:
And here is the finished product!!
 I am so SUPER EXCITED in how this turned out and am contemplating doing another one in my living room with a different design in the small built in nook! I hope that you will try one of you own. It was a little time consuming, but so worth it!! 


Ewin said...

Oh. My. Gosh. That is absolutely fantastic! Great job! I do not have the patience for that, I applaud you. I just painted my hallway yesterday and added one big huge plain color rectangle to it for spice. Nothing like this at all. I will make you 4 pillows if you do this to one of my walls...

Kate B. said...

Ummmm...I'm thinking I will just figure out the pillows!