Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I know its been awhile...and I have as of late been using this blog to do more crafts and recipes rather then sharing how our family is dealing with the everyday of a child who is unique in her own way.
Some days...things are great! She is happy, cheerful, helpful and hasn't a care in the world.
Then there are the days when things are not so cheerful, there is crying, screaming, and sometimes things get physical.
Now while most days are good ones, we seem to hit a bunch in a row that are not so good. One thing we have learned in all this is that timing is everything...if we keep the meds right on track then we are usually okay (not always). Another thing we have learned is once she has gone down the path of no control...there is no heading back, you have to wait out the storm. Sometimes its short...sometimes its long. Most the time its frustrating.
I love her unconditionally and wouldn't trade her in for the world. I just sometimes wish I could make it all stop, that my mom was here just as a sounding board, and that I could do more for Em. I know we are doing the best we can and have made some HUGE changes for the good, with doctors and meds. But she will always be on this journey and as a mom and a fixer...I just want to take that away.
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Another school year is approaching and I know we are going to have a great year, it may have its challenges, but its going to be great!

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