Thursday, August 23, 2012

Study Time

Since moving into this house I have had some fun ideas that I have been just waiting to put into place in the basement. I actually had a friend come over, who by the way is a great decorator, to help with what to do with the basement. And just when we thought we might get things started, we got water....
Well now that things have all dried up, it only took 3 years! We have done the work, with that I needed to have an area to put the computer, and even a work area for the kids to draw, color, or even do homework.
With the suggestion of using a door, I knew it would be perfect!
Here's how I did it:
  1. To start I went to the local Habitat for Humanity Restore and purchased a door. I chose a smooth interior door, that measured 24" across. I wanted it to be wide enough for work room and for the computer.
  2. Next, I took was sanding it, I wanted to make sure the surface wasn't too smooth so the paint wouldn't adhere.
  3. Then, I painted it black. I only painted what I was using for the top, one long edge, and one short edge (only the ones that would be showing) I ended up doing 2 coats to make sure I had a nice even coat of paint. *what you need to paint will depend on what all you need to paint
  4. Once it dried my husband and I attached the table legs that I purchased at Lowes. I painted those black as well. I put both legs on one end, and am using my file cabinet on the other end for the legs.
Here is what the final project looks like:
{Please excuse all the cords...the hubby is working on that!!}
It has truly been perfect!! We have a nice desk to work at as well as keep our items filed and in a proper place. I LOVE how it is working out and will soon be adding a cork/magnet board above it as well.

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