Tuesday, January 4, 2011


With the new year starting the same old resolutions come around....you know the ones where you say your going to be "healthier", more organized, and lose weight? Are you with me?? I make the same ones every year, yet disappoint myself by not meeting those goals at all and just quitting. What good does that do...NONE!

Well this year we are going to start off small, I am going to make a list of goals for the month. These will be small goals, but I am hoping that in some ways they lead me to these larger goals, that I would truly like to achieve.

So here's January's list of goals: (in no particular order!!)
  1. Organize closet...it's a wonder I find anything and why do I have so much??
  2. Finish Emmah's room including wall decor, and curtains.
  3. Bathroom curtains.
  4. Take items to goodwill.
  5. Chore chart for the kids.
  6. Craigslist those things I have been meaning to for WAY too long.
  7. Make dinner more...5-6 nights of dinner at home.

Okay I think that is a good start. I'll keep ya posted on how things start to play out!


PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

Great list!!
Cooking more is defiantly on my list as well!!

Katie at A List Maker's Life said...

Great goals! I love your new header Kate. Looks nice. Fun name too. It will be less confusing when I check my reader too because I had two crazy chaos type titles I followed:)