Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Perspective

As the years go by we have time to reflect on what has happened, and why. The last couple years have brought many new challenges, but have opened my eyes to all the wonderful things I have been blessed with AMAZING family, WONDERFUL friends, and countless reminders of how many great things are in my life.

The last week alone has brought on some new perspective. We have been dealing for 4 years now with Emmah's ADHD issues. You always first look at yourself and ask "What did I do wrong?" and "How could I let this happen?" Then you start looking for some answers....we have explored many in hopes of finding the right one for her. This has been a major challenge, we have recently hit the wall and are again on the hunt for answers. We will find them it just takes time, and perspective. We have to look at things differently, and do what is best for her.

I have enjoyed a wonderful day today, full of hugs, songs, laughs, a delicious meal, beautiful flowers, kisses, birthday wishes, and most of all love.

Tomorrow I start the next year of my life with a new perspective...life is a blessing, take what you have and make it wonderful, joyful, and be a blessing to others.

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