Thursday, January 20, 2011

Deep Down

The last few days here have been very challenging.

When I became a mother it was the most amazing experience ever....I finally understood exactly what my mom had been saying all those years. It didn't hurt that I had the most perfect little girl in the whole world. She was happy, content, and hardly cried really. When she was just over 4 we started noticing some issues...she was extremely hyper, and somewhat defiant. After some was determined that she ADHD. We of course did some checking and finally decided that medication was the route to go.

She has always been a challenge exhibiting extreme behavior and leaving us puzzled. Deep down she is the sweetest little girl and even when she is mean or does something not nice, she is immediately remorseful....deep down she is a beautiful child just trying to get out...deep down I believe there is far more going on then we know.

We are currently entering the land of the unknown. The questions are plentiful. Where do we go from here? What do we test for? How do we treat it? What changes do we need to make as a family? How do we help her reach her full potential at school?

Over the next weeks we will be exploring these questions and hopefully finding some answers. I continue to pray for God to lead us in the right direction.


TheGeerlings said...

Good Luck Kate! I am sure this is all very frustrating for you and all who love your little Emmah. Keep your goal in mind as you work through each road bump along the way. Blessings to you all!


kbloems27 said...

Thanks Rachael!