Saturday, June 4, 2011


I sometimes feel like we are on a roller coaster. Things are nice and smooth, and then suddenly you hit the huge unexpected hill, twist or turn and WHAM!` We have seemingly been moving along pretty nicely, Emmah had been having some great weeks at school. She seemed to pick herself up and even though she may hit a bump here and there she was able to work through it.
Well Friday we hit a MAJOR bump, it seems we have come to a point of no return. Answers have to come, we have got to find out what is going on. The answers we have been given make some sense, but don't completly answer the questions we have. We have been second guessed, given looks, and sorta told to medicate her. How do we medicate what we can't fully diagonose?? I can gladly put a bandaid on something, but it won't solve the problem if it isn't in the right place. That is where we are at with ADHD.
Yes it is an issue, but its not the only one and not the one that is causing the majority of the problems. There have been other things mentioned some that scare me, worry me, and some that give me hope, but where is this road leading us. We will again seek some answers from a new facility, but with the guidance of the last one I think we are on the right path or at least I hope so.
We have gone to countless places, and will continue until we are given the answers we need to help Emmah.
"For nothing is impossible for God." Luke 1:37

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