Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cautiously Optimistic

Today we took our journey to help Emmah on it's longest trip. We headed to Ann Arbor to The Ann Arbor Center for Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics. With a 2 hour appointment ahead of us we wondered where we would wind up in the end. Would the answers be the same or would he have a new outlook. After discussing, sharing, explaining and listening for awhile there seemed to be an anwer in sight.
A logical and understandable answer, one we really thought for some time. Final decisons will be made in some talking with the other Dr in the practice, but there is a clear goal and outlook and one we can make understand and see as a clear explaination for all we have been through.
Having been down this road so many times before, we feel we have been here before and each have had the same result. How is this one different? Do we allow ourselves to be hopeful that this is the right place we are suppose to be and that we are on the right path this time? I'm just not sure...a BIG part of me wants to be happy, excited, and relieved, but there is another BIG part of me that is nervous, leary, and pesimistic. Which part do I let take the lead, who do I put in control over the next few weeks and months?
I so want to be happy and excited and feel that we have finally made the right choice and have found the path we are supposed to be on. If this Dr is right then HUGE changes are ahead. GREAT strides will be made in our relationships, family unit, and everyday living.
We are not alone in this journey, and we wouldn't have learned so much if our journey wouldn't have take so many twists and turns. More will be learned tomorrow and in the coming weeks so for now we will hang tight and pray for the answers are there for us to find.

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ABC and 123: A Learning Cooperative said...

I am glad to hear that you are hopeful about the information you learned today.
Thinking of you always,