Thursday, June 30, 2011

Red, White & Blue

Okay I've turned into a real sucker for a fun wreath!! And Jen over at Tatertots and Jello really feeds my addiction! I just LOVE all the fun wreaths she comes up with and man oh man does she have a great one for this 4th of July!
When I saw this wreath I just new I had to make it! I mean what could be more perfect??? I even gathered some of my mom friends to participate in a little mommy playdate...we've been tryin to get these together for awhile and finally we got together and made it happen!

  • red hots                                                     
  • wreath form                                               
  • ribbon (festive 4th of July colors)                
  • hot glue gun                                                
  • Dimensional Magic (Or spray polyurethane)
  • coordinating                                               
  1. We then began to assemble our wreaths. We started by wrapping our wreaths in red ribbon. (The wider the better, takes less time!)
  2. Then we glued our red hots on the wreath form starting with the top and then working our way around the side, middle and back.
  3. Next coat the wreath with your Dimensional Magic or polyurethane. If you brush on either, only do it once or the color may come off the red hots (One used a spray, and it worked the best, I highly reccomend this option)As the wreath dries you can get to work on your rocket, or stars. I went with stars only because I need something flat on my door, limited width.
  4. Finally, take your two coordinating ribbons and loop them through the middle of the wreath. Hot glue them together in the back. Then stand back and admire your work!

And here is the final product, I LOVE how it turned out and am just feeding my wreath fetish. How many is too many wreaths????

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