Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Gallery

Forever I have seen Wonderful gallery walls and have always wanted one of my own. Great idea....hard project! I mean you not only have to decide color, but what to include.
I thought about this long and hard and searched for LOTS of inspiration like this from Young House Love, which gave me some great ideas of what to include in my frames, and this one (which has a few ideas that I will be eventually adding to my wall!
Here is my first run at it:

I left up the paper models for a day or so just to get the feel and make sure that I like the look and feel of the arrangement.

 I will be switching out some of the photos soon, as we just had some new pictures of the kids done.
I definitely have some additions and want to add them soon, so I can take a little time to just look at it for awhile. We'll have to wait and see if there is any movement....

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