Monday, June 20, 2011

A New Journey

Since we have met with the new Dr's this has changed how we will work to manage the issues that we are having with Emmah. We are going to start a new medication, which is different then the other medicines that we have previously tried (completely different end of the spectrum). Both Dr's suspect that we should see almost an immediate difference in her behavior. Once we have the neuological issue under control the ways we have been dealing with the behavioral issues should fall into place.
So this tells us that all along we have been doing right thing, but with the neurological issues they weren't going to work, no matter what we did. Although we were doing some of the right things, they were not going to be effective with her, this has really helped with the "mommy guilt" as the mom you want to make things better, solve the problem, and help her the best you can. Up until now I haven't been able to do that...I feel like now we are going to be able to help her and get her headed on the right path.

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