Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gallery Wall 2

As I am sure that many of you saw in my gallery wall I combined a lot of different ideas and meshed them together. I thought it might be a great idea to share what I did for each of the items on my gallery wall so that you can create one of you own!!
  1. An adorable photo of Jake!
  2. A wooden quote (bought this when we first moved in.)
  3. Wreath, basically I took a small wreath hung it from ribbon and framed it.
  4. Date Art which I found on Pinterest from Andrea at a.steed' I just printed mine.
  5. Mirror from IKEA, totally free! (Plan to add some rope flowers on it too!)
  6. Clock from Target, this was my splurge item.
  7. Quote from the girls at Eighteen25, color options available.
  8. Family picture
  9. A piece of scrapbook paper framed.
  10. A beautiful picture of Emmah!
  11. Eventually these will be wooden blocks, with either photos or paper....can't decide.
That's what I have so far, but there are a couple more items I may add, but don't worry I'll fill you in when I add them!! I have some curtains to get to!!

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